“SOUNDS OF THE 504” CD is here!!


THE “SOUNDS OF THE 504” explanation:

BROKEN KEYS Dares to be different with the new release “SOUNDS OF THE 504” an instrumental representation of New Orleans. The “SOUNDS OF THE 504” album is a very original, abstract, raw, and unique album for those who are in search for something musically different and not confined by the rules of the music industry. It is an instrumental representation and expression of New Orleans and is musically and spiritually inspired by the city’s vibe and culture. The New Orleans Second lines, Mardi Gras, Mardi Gras indians, brass bands, Jazz, Hip Hop, bounce music, parties, People, and more played a major part in the creative process of producing and creating this work.

Being that New Orleans is a gumbo pot filled with many different cultures, beliefs and Ethnicities, these same cultural elements can be heard in this music. New Orleans is a very diverse place and is influenced by African, French, spanish, Hatian, European, and more culture and creed. This being said, you can expect the 504 album to be a very eclectic experience.

You will hear a little bit of HipHop, New Orleans bounce, African, spanish and latin, caribbean, French, European, new age, spiritual, and more elements combined in each composition contain on this CD. The “SOUNDS OF THE 504” sound is and was created and designed to be very organic in an attempt to stand in a box of its own. This music can’t be labeled and doesn’t fit in with any specific genre. It’s universal. Anyone can listen to and relate to this album.

The 504 album is more than just music, it’s a movement and a once in a life time experience. You can listen to this album while your cruising, while doing the dishes, washing your car, before you sleep, for yoga, meditation, weddings, etc. You can also use it for poetry and to write songs to the instrumentals.

In conclusion, if you are sick of the state of music right now and are in need of music which will make you feel good and inspire you, get the “SOUNDS OF THE 504” album now! at the follow links below. All support, feedback, and comments are appreciated very much.

SOUNDS OF THE 504 Web pages:

BROKEN KEYS ON AMIESTREET *Free Downloads on this site!!*



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